These are a few tips for keeping your property safe whilst you are away. Bear in mind that all security is from Allaah alone, so take your precautions, ask Him to keep you and your property safe at all times, and then put your trust in Him.
Things to Do:
  • Make an arrangement with a neighbor, friend or relative to check your home periodically.
  • If a friend or neighbor cannot collect your mail, make arrangements for it to be held at the Post Office.
  • Put your valuables and jewelry in a safety deposit box. If you don't have, or can't get access to a safety deposit box, you still want to hinder a hurried burglar by hiding valuable items in your house.
  • Notify the local police and security system company to immediately consider any alarms as real. Leave with them the names of anyone responsible to watch over your house.
  • Empty the refrigerator of items that might spoil.
  • Cancel or hold your newspaper delivery.
  • You might want to turn your refrigerator to its lowest setting.
  • Turn water heater down to the lowest setting.
  • Leave shades or drapes as you normally do.
  • Lock all doors and windows, including in the basement & garage.
  • Unplug electronic items. Make sure your surge protectors are properly installed.
  • Park the car inside the garage, with the door down, so people driving by won't find out you're leaving.
  • Disconnect the garage door. Unplug it if you can, don't pull the fuse for the garage door until you verify the fuse isn't connected up to something that needs to stay on, such as, your refrigerator or maybe a freezer in the garage.
  • Purchase automatic light timers for lights.
  • Check your bills are up to date for phone, electricity etc. so that you do not return to any disconnected services.
  • Move houseplants away from direct sunlight, water thoroughly and wrap pots with plastic. Most plants can then live without further watering for two weeks. You can also buy automatic watering systems for a reasonable price at your local hardware store if absolutely necessary.