Q 4: When I was in Makkah performing Tawaf-ul-Wada‘ (circumambulation around the Ka‘bah on leaving Makkah), after the fifth round of Tawaf, I felt a movement in my rear. The accursed Iblis (Satan) whispered to me that I broken wind, but I did not follow this whispering because I did not feel that anything had been emitted from my behind, although I have lost my sense of smell. I sought refuge with Allah from Iblis, put my trust in Allah and i continued performing Tawaf and the two Raka‘hs (units of Prayer). Did I do anything wrong and if so, what should I do?

A: The basic rule is that: Taharah (ritual purification) remains; your doubting whether something has come out of you does not overrule Taharah; therefore, your Tawaf and the Salah (Prayer) you offered after it are valid.

May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!

Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’
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`Abdullah ibn Ghudayyan `Abdul-Razzaq `Afify `Abdul-`Aziz ibn `Abdullah ibn Baz