Q: I performed Hajj this year on behalf of my mother intending to perform Tamattu` Hajj (combining Hajj and `Umrah with a break in between) at the beginning but because of shortage of time, I changed my intention to perform Ifrad Hajj (performing Hajj only). Also, when I arrived at Makkah on the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah, I was unable to spend the night in Mina. In addition, when we came back from `Arafat, I was unable to spend the night in Mina. Furthermore, I threw Al-Jamrat (stone pillars at which pebbles are thrown during Hajj, Jamrat Al-`Aqabah being the closest to Makkah) around four o'clock after midnightaccording to Al-Tawqit Zawali (a timing that considers midnight to be the beginning of the day), that is in the first night of the day of the `Eid-ul-Adha (the Festival of the Sacrifice). I would like to know your advice as regards what I mentioned.

A: It is not permissible for you to change your intention from performing Tamattu` Hajj (combining Hajj and `Umrah with a break in between) into performing Ifrad Hajj (performing Hajj only). Since you have not made Tahalul (removal of the ritual state for Hajj and `Umrah), then you will be performing Qiran Hajj (combining Hajj and `Umrah simultaneously) and you will have to offer a Hady (sacrificial animal offered by pilgrims) of the Qiran Hajj. There is no harm in your inability to spend the night in Mina on the Day of Tarwiyah (8th of Dhul-Hijjah). As for your inability to spend the night in Mina after your return from `Arafah then you have to know that spending the night in Mina on the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth nights is an obligatory act of Hajj. Spending the thirteenth night in Mina is not for the person who hastens to depart. Except for Suqah (those providing water to pilgrims) and Ru`ah (those who take care of pilgrims) and the likes, it is obligatory for whoever does not spend the night there, to offer a sacrifice (a sheep). Those who can not afford to offer a sheep, have to observe fast for ten days. This sheep should be slaughtered at the sanctuary and distributed among the poor. There is no harm in throwing Al-Jamarat at four o'clock according to Al-Tawqit Al-Zawali. However, if you delay throwing Al-Jamarat till after sunrise on the day of the `Eid, it would be better to follow the Sunnah.

May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!

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`Abdullah ibn Ghudayyan `Abdul-Razzaq `Afify `Abdul-`Aziz ibn `Abdullah ibn Baz