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Hajj & `Umrah

FAQ & General Issues

FAQ of Hajj & Umrah

FAQ - Hajj and `Umrah
When is Hajj obligatory upon an individual
The ruling on Hajj of minors; does it exempt them from the obligatory Hajj?
Validity of Hajj by an indebted person
Being in debt and wanting to make Hajj
Traveling to perform the obligatory Hajj without her husband’s permission
The ruling on using tablets that prevent menstruation
Obligation of assuming Ihraam for Hajj and `Umrah from the Miqaat
Entering the state of Ihraam on an airplane
The ruling on one who goes past the Miqaat without intending Ihraam
What is ihram and how does one enter it?
Uttering the intention to perform Hajj or `Umrah out loud
Offering two Rak`ahs before assuming the state of Ihraam
There is no harm in wearing belts while in the state of Ihraam
Is it permissible for the pilgrim in ihraam to wear a mask?
Can a man wear shoes if necessary whilst in ihraam?
Tahaarah as a condition for the validity of Tawaaf
Interrupting the Tawaaf
There is nothing wrong with washing the Ihraam
Ruling on doubting the number of rounds of Tawaaf
Tawaaf from inside Hijr Isma`eel
Offering two Rak'ahs after Tawaaf behind Maqaam Ibraaheem is Sunnah, but not an obligation
Are two raka'aat performed after every type of Tawaaf?
Making tawaaf outside of `Umrah and Hajj
Ruling on praying the two Rak`ahs of Tawaaf after making voluntary Tawaaf
It is not permissible to appoint a person to perform Tawaaf on someone else's behalf.
Ruling on the one unable to complete the Hajj
What happens if I am unable to perform the farewell tawaaf?
Are there special supplications for tawaaf, sa'ee and other rites?
Reading the required supplications from a book
Rulings and etiquette of visiting the Prophet (sal-Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam)
Do acts of disobedience diminish the reward of Hajj?