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Hajj & `Umrah


The Sacrifice (Hady)

Some person received money from a pilgrim to offer a Hady on his behalf
A man set out to perform Hajj and had only little money not sufficient for offering Hady
Those performing Tamattu` Hajj but cannot offer a sacrifice or fast during Hajj
After returning to Mina he had sexual intercourse with his wife
A Mutamatti` searched for a Hady but could not find it, and thus observed Sawm after returning to his country
If a pilgrim can neither offer Hady nor observe Sawm, should he feed a poor person for each day
I performed Tamattu` Hajj and did not offer Hady
Arresting some person who took amounts of money from some pilgrims for slaughtering a Hady on their behalf but did not fulfill this
Neither offering Hady nor observing Sawm
They could not offer Hady and thus threw some cereal to the pigeons of the Haram
Some pilgrim deputized him to slaghter a Hady but he did not do that
He thought that offering Ud-hiyah makes him in no need of slaughtering a Hady
Slaughtering the Hady of Tamattu` Hajj and Qiran Hajj according to Al-Shara'i`
Slaughtering the Hady in the area of Al Mu`aysim
Ten persons performed Hajj, where they slaughtered just one camel
Ruling on the Damm of Tamattu` Hajj and Qiran Hajj and delaying slaughtering them
Are the conditions of Hady the same as those of an Ud-hiyah with regard to age and faults?
He intended to perform Qiran Hajj but did not sacrifice the Hady
My parents performed Qiran Hajj and offered one Hady
He and his wife performed Hajj with the intention of Qiran Hajj but they did not offer Hady
Am I liable to any penalty for doing so?