AR102 covers the following topics:

  • GENERAL: A brief discussion of 30 of the Names of Allaah and 200 Frequently Asked Questions on `Aqeedah by Shaykh Haafidh ibn Ahmad Al-Hakamee; Questions 1-35. 
  • QUR'AAN: The meaning of words, virtues and basic tafseer of suwar: from Ad-Duhaa to Al-Humazah.
  • SALAAH: Adhkaar relating to salaah and adhkaar after the salaah. Explanation of the conditions for the salaah.
  • GRAMMAR: Madeenah Books -  Book 1 (Lesson 13 to the end of the book). Al-`Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk  - Lesson 7 to Lesson 11. Plurals masculine and feminine; feminine pronouns (plural); past tense of the verb; and a completion of the plural feminine forms for the present tense; the plural for the demonstrative pronouns; duals (nouns); revision of numbers 1-10; mamnoo` min as-sarf and its `iraab; the verb ‘kaana’; the singular masculine command form (verbs); numbers 20, 30, 40, etc., colors.

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