AR102 covers the following topics:

  • GENERAL: A brief discussion of 30 of the Names of Allaah and 200 Frequently Asked Questions on `Aqeedah by Shaykh Haafidh ibn Ahmad Al-Hakamee; Questions 1-35. 
  • QUR'AAN: The meaning of words, virtues and basic tafseer of suwar: from Ad-Duhaa to Al-Humazah.
  • SALAAH: Adhkaar relating to salaah and adhkaar after the salaah. Explanation of the conditions for the salaah.
  • GRAMMAR: Madeenah Books -  Book 1 (Lesson 13 to the end of the book). Al-`Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk  - Lesson 7 to Lesson 11. Plurals masculine and feminine; feminine pronouns (plural); past tense of the verb; and a completion of the plural feminine forms for the present tense; the plural for the demonstrative pronouns; duals (nouns); revision of numbers 1-10; mamnoo` min as-sarf and its `iraab; the verb ‘kaana’; the singular masculine command form (verbs); numbers 20, 30, 40, etc., colors.

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AR203 Learning Arabic to Get Closer to Allaah - Level Six


Continuing from Level Five, the final level of the Arabic Program focusses on translating and grammatical usages as the teacher covers the three broad subjects of Qur'aan, Salaah, and Grammar Material studies will include:

  • Al-Baqarah from aayah 95 to end of Juz' 1.
  • The Explanation of the Three Fundamentals by Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen
  • Some actions of the heart: tawakkul (trust); shukr (gratitude); sabr (patience); ridaa’ (satisfaction); khushoo`; hope and fear; simple living while in the dunyaa and understanding the reality
  • Pillars of Islaam, Eemaan and Ihsaan


Brother Abu Abdullaah Imraan Hussein. He studied at Islaamic University in Madeenah and has been actively involved in da`wah for more than 25 years. He currently resides in Makkah and benefits from the scholars there.


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