Arabic Learning Program - 2014

Written by umm omar.

Bringing YOU closer to Allah

Arabic Program - 2014

Starting April 5th, 2014

A Unique Course - Exceptionally Designed to:

  • Help you Reflect upon the Book of Allaah  
  • Help you understand the Sunnah of Prophet  
  • Develop more Khushoo in Your As-Salaah 
  • Get a better understanding of Daily Athkaar 
  • Strengthening Your relation with Allaah  
  • Help you come closer to the Jannah

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Hajj Package - 2014

Written by umm omar.

Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk


Al-Hamdulillaah - After many Successful Umrah and Hajj trips combined with Educational and Spiritual Seminars, now it pleases us to invite you to our Unique and Comprehensive trip to perform Hajj

Register before January 10th and save $600.00

Hundreds of Brothers and Sisters enjoyed our unique Umrah and Hajj trips now you deserve the best Hajj package 

Let's help you get best out of your hajj experience with everlasting memories

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Hajj - 2014